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“Be honest in your judgment and do not decide at a glance – superficially and by appearances; but judge fairly and righteously.” John 7:24

There are two sides to every story. I have always been deeply bothered by this sentiment. To me, it never seemed grounded in absolute truth, rather an acceptance of the grey matter infiltrating our world.

But, I could never really explain this enigma to my worthy opponents. Today, thanks to Sunday’s message at church, I think I’ve had a breakthrough!

There are always two perspectives (or more) to every story. Now, this I can accept. Of course, two opposing forces will have two very different perspectives! But, to give each perspective equal footing is by no means wise or biblical.

Some perspectives are based on solid truth and others can be quite emotional. Some perspectives can be muddied by previous personal experience and others may be viewing the situation from eyes pure as a newborns. And, so on…

We must first dig, like the sage of Proverbs, to see with the eyes of God’s perspective. Then, we may see clearly. Then, we may judge a matter.

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